Monday, March 14, 2011

What has worked for you?

A dear friend who just had their third baby asked me  recently. She was inquiring about how I was managing to study Scripture.
Having a newborn, no matter how many other children you have, disrupts your sleep, your schedule, your life. This also, though, provides you the opportunity to try new things and get out of that 'ole rut.
But there are other times of sick children, sick spouses, family needs, traveling, dry seasons spiritually, etc.
For those of you going through a demanding season (for whatever reason), here are some easy ideas that have worked for me: 
** Listening to Bible heavy sermons/conferences/podcasts on my Ipod while nursing or in the car or while unloading laundry/dishes ... Some of my favorites are John Piper, Francis Chan, Nancy Leigh Demoss, Focus on the Family, Family Life, etc.
** Memorizing Scripture with the kids over snacks/meals (for us this is also part of school).
** Reading through the Bible in a year - It's more to have a plan and chunks already determined - but just reading what I can when I can from the plan.
** Reading the Bible out loud when at the table with the kids. Whenever, however it happens.
** Letting hubby lead Bible reading time at night with the kids and I'll listen in.
** Listening to worship music that includes Scripture or at the least hymns which have sound theology in them (i.e. Indelible Grace)
Here are some helpful links:
Pray magazine's website has tons of resources
One Place has lots of podcasts and audio shows to listen to

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