Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project Simplify: Week 1 - Master Closet

I hope you're jumping in to the Spring Cleaning spirit and trying out the Project Simplify.

Can I tell you that I already LOVE this! I worked on Monday afternoon for about an hour on our closet and I can tell a big difference already. I actually LOVE going in to my new cleaned out closet. Yes! Really!

I will post here my BEFORE pictures.

A fabulous reader asked me,"What are you doing with the stuff?"

Clothes that are worth anything I'm giving to Goodwill. A few  items I will try to sell on Craigslist. Some things are just going in the trash can.

 It's been a work in progress that I put things in the trash can. You see, I have a default that says that somebody, somewhere must be able to use "X" and I'm going to try and find them. OR, I was going to try and find them. Now I've realized that I live in a world where almost everybody has not just what they need, but also what they want. I don't have the time or energy to find that perfect somebody for my stuff, and I do a disservice to my own family by wasting my time finding them.

Purge and move on!

Here are the BEFORE pics!

Behind the door

Can't wait to show you the AFTER pictures this coming weekend!

If you're interested in joining Project Simplify, it's not too late! Click HERE for the info!


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