Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homeschooling: Our Story

In starting to share with you about homeschooling, I have to start by telling you our story.

Emily and Logan with cousins Shanna and Lauren (2009)
Even before we had children, Bert and I felt pretty certain that we would homeschool. Bert was very close with his cousin's family, who had 5 children (at the time). They were the most wonderful, mannered, polite, intelligent little people we had ever met. We only hoped that our children might turn out like them. We thought that homeschooling was a big part of it.

(Note: These kids are still homeschooled and are still turning out to be pretty wonderful young adults, I have to say. Kudos to Mark and Rachael for their great parenting and the grace of God!)

Emily working on spelling(2010)
We started Emily a year early in preschool, honestly, because we didn't have anything else to do. She was eager to learn, I was eager to figure out what this homeschooling thing was. Then, we followed with a year of kindergarten, then first grade. This year, we are doing first grade again because we changed curriculum, and I wanted to move Emily back to where her peers are in grade. We also added a new preschool student, Logan, to our school. Oh yeah. And we had a baby!

Here  are some of the questions to answer in coming weeks:
Why do you homeschool?
What is wrong with public school?
What curriculum do you use/have you used?
How do you organize yourself?
What does your typical day look like?
What about personalities?
What do you wish you would have known?
Has it been hard?

If you have other questions, I would love to answer them!! Just comment or email me!

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