Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project Simplify Challenge #1: Master Closet

Well folks, I have to say that both hubby and I are both very pleased with the result of some work during the week and quite a bit of time today.

We decided to introduce a new way of organizing our clothes. Previously, we had stored clothes based on season. Since we both have gained baby weight, we realized that we have multiple kinds of clothes and multiple sizes. We decided to go ahead and group our clothes by size and not by season. So, I have a box of "Medium - size 8-10ish" clothes, "Large 12-16ish clothes" and then what is hanging in the closet right now is "XL size 18+". I have a separate box for maternity. I'm only allowing myself one extra bed box of each size. This will make it so much easier as I drop the pounds to pull out what fits and only keep in my closet those items.

So, *drum roll* here are the BEFORE pics for you ....

AFTER ....

room enough for the kids to play
Room enough for the dresser, too!

If you're interested in joining in this week on the next challenge,
click HERE for the Simple Mom website. The new challenge will be
introduced on Monday for another area of your house!

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