Friday, March 18, 2011

The Power of the Other Book

Fridays will now be the home of Frugal Fridays!

I will quickly admit that there are some who make frugality in to a profession. I'm not one of those.

There are some who use every waking minute and effort in to pinching pennies. I'm not one of those.

There are some who will sign up for just about anything if you can get something for free. I'm not one of those. * Remember, I'm decluttering my house! *

But, what I can offer is how we save money with little time and relatively little effort.

Like this example from this week ....

Using our Entertainment book, I had a coupon for $15 off my new tennis shoes. The same tennis shoes that I would have walked in to the store and bought anyway. Add in that the employee in that department gave me a $10 coupon and I asked at the register if I could use both ... and I ended up saving $25 on my new shoes. Now, with almost no extra time or effort, I just made my family $25. NICE!

So my tip for this week is ... The Fabulous ... The Wonderful ... Entertainment Book!

If you don't have one, you should get one! It will pay for itself after using one or two coupons, and we use far more than that! We use their coupons on everything from restaurants, jumpin' places for the kids, museums, sporting goods stores (see above), hotels, etc. They are available for a number of different cities and areas around the country.

Right now, they are running a special: Get your book for just $17 with SH&P (Normally, they are $30 but because the  book runs from November 1, 2011, to Oct 31, 2012, they are discounted right now).

They even suggest buying the book if you vacation in a given area because of the great entertainment coupons. Think places like Myrtle Beach, Orlando, etc.

Click HERE to try it out!

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  1. I always wait to get the Entertainment book at discount. You are right, it does pay for itself very quickly. Thanks for the head's up. I'm going to check out the site!