Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday ... the start of 40 Days of Water

From Blood:Water Mission ...
 [Please let me know if you are joining in during Lent so we can encourage one another!]

Here's how to begin:
We’ve put together this handy website for you to:
  • Create your unique profile page
  • Track your progress
  • Share your experience with friends
  • See who else is doing Forty Days of Water
  • And, to eventually donate your savings to clean water projects in Uganda
Be sure to register and activate your account, so we can send you a Forty Days wristband in the mail and a physical scorecard to keep in your pocket. Remember to confirm your email after you register to be able to log in.
It’s a big commitment to not drink anything but water for Forty days. But from March 9 to April 23, that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do. By giving up what you'd normally drink in exchange for the water from your tap you can save that money to help build clean water projects for communities in Uganda. Imagine it this way, because $1 can provide a year of water for 1 person in Africa, with each drink you give up each day, you'll be providing years of water for someone else.
Be sure to visit the webstore to order a new Forty Days of Water bottle to remind you to head to the tap! By giving up what you’d normally drink in exchange for the water from your tap you can save that money to help build clean water projects for communities in Uganda. 
Also, in case you are wondering why there are actually 46 days between March 9 & April 23, Forty Days follows the traditional Lenten season calendar which consist of 40 fast days and 6 rest/feast days. You get to enjoy your favorite beverages one day out of the week, which will remind you just how much you miss them the other 6 days. most people take Sunday off. How you choose to observe Forty Days is up to you.
Ditch the morning coffee and o.j., leave out the lunchtime soda, and cancel the evening beverage in lieu of clean water from the tap. By sacrificing your daily routine, you will make a difference in the life of a person in Africa. If you’ve registered on the website and created a profile page, you can track your beverages online.
Also, if you’re the mobile savvy type, we’ve created a mobile site for you to track your beverages on the go. Visit from your smart phone to sign in and start tracking.
During your Forty Days, there are a number of ways to get the word out about what you’re doing:
  • Tweet and Facebook your friends. (Use the hashtag #40Days when tweeting to @bloodwater)
    Another great reason to follow us on your social network is to share the daily 40 Days Water Fact.  
  • Blog or video moments from your experience. You may choose to keep a journal or record your thoughts or experiences along the way. Be creative. We’d love to share some of your stories to help inspire others. Tweet, email or facebook us -or- Share your story  here.
  • Print these info cards to give out at places when people ask you why you’re drinking only water. It’s easier to do this with friends. Ask those you spend the most time with to take part with you.
  • You can also ask people to donate to your efforts by directing them to your profile page on the Forty Days website and have them click on “Support my Forty Days”.
  • After April 23rd, your donations can be handled online by clicking Donate on the Forty Days website, or you can send a check to: Blood:Water Mission, c/o “40 DAYS,” P.O.Box 60381 Nashville, TN 37206   *Be sure to write “40 Days” in the memo of the check.
We hope that through this experience you’ll be reminded daily of the privilege of having safe water at your everyday disposal, and that you gain a sense of solidarity with your neighbors in Africa. We also expect that your heart will be filled with hope that something can be done about the water crisis – and that you’re a part of actually doing it.
So get started... Head to the tap so they can go to the well.

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