Thursday, March 3, 2011

Forty Days of Water

FORTY DAYS OF WATER | March 9 - April 23 | *no ark necessary
Whether you're excited or anxious, it's that time again. This Lenten season we're inviting you to again choose to make tap water your only beverage for 40 Days. Ditch the morning coffee and o.j., leave out the lunchtime soda, cancel the evening beverage, and especially cut out all the bottled water, drinking only clean water from the tap. By sacrificing your everyday routine, you will make a lasting difference in the life of a person in Africa.
By giving up what you'd normally drink in exchange for the water from your tap you can save that money to help build clean water projects for communities in Uganda. Imagine it this way, because $1 can provide a year of water for 1 person in Africa, with each drink you give up each day, you'll be providing years of water for someone in need.
All funds raised this year will benfit water projects in northern Uganda. Watch the video below to learn more about the restorative work in Lira, Uganda that needs your help.
Drink from the tap, so they can go to the well.

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  1. I haven't commented on your water posts, until now. I'll admit, I don't feel as passionate about this as you do. But, I will say, it has me thinking more about our water usage than I ever did before. :)