Thursday, February 24, 2011

Water Conservation comes Home

In our house, we looked at our water bill and noted that in January, we used 206.3 gallons on average per day. Can we reduce that?

Here are 100 ideas for ways you can conservate water in your house. We are trying some of these and will let you know how we do this month!

Here are 5 quick ways that we are saving water:

1. Put the stopper closed when filling the tub for the kids.

2. Use the power of soaking dishes. A little water and 30 minutes can do wonders for cleaning dishes.

3. Stop the running water. Everywhere. We try not to let the water run. At all. Whether its washing hands, or washing dishes. You would be amazed at how much water goes just right down the sink.

4. Light load features on our clothes washer and dish washer get our clothes and dishes just as clean and take half the time and use half the water.

5. Reuse water that has been used. Especially when it comes to things like soaking, the water doesn't have to be perfectly clean to soak, since its a dish already dirty. So, if I have leftover pasta water, I'll pour that into a pot that needs to soak. The hot water breaks up the gunk and I've not used any extra water.

HERE are more ideas ....

Another idea? (To be continued)

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