Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our 9th Anniversary

9 years ago, we said, "I do!" Little did we know what I was saying "I do" to ....

I do ... love you even when you have habits that I wish you didn't.

I do ... allow you to see my heart for its blemishes and flaws.

I do ... share my tears and sadness with you.

I do ... choose you to be the Father of my children - their role model, their protection, their encouragement, their teacher.

I do ... enjoy playing games with you.

I do ... laugh at your jokes and humor on the inside, even when I don't on the outside.

I do ... welcome your wisdom, insight, and experience.

I do ... want to spend each year ahead with you - laughing, crying, and walking hand in hand.

And so many more I do's than this ...

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