Monday, January 17, 2011

My One Thousand Gifts

Gratitude is the faith response to the abundance of grace in our lives. Certainly, we have much to be grateful for.

How do I not see it?

How do I dare say to God ... "It's not enough .... You are not enough."

But is that not what I do? When I seek comfort in food, in TV, in my To Do list. Those are my own forbidden fruits. The fruit of trying to be my own God and provide for myself. Protect myself. Comfort myself.

So, I take a step toward faith and start to recount my own blessings here. A way to celebrate. A Monday morning party.

#1 Little cries
#2 Busy hands
#3 Waking up at 4:57am - before the 5:00am alarm goes off
#4 Electricity
#5 Indoor plumbing
#6 Burp clothes
#7 The Internet - which connects me with those far wiser than myself
#8 My Dr.Oz bracelet - to start me back on the road to health
#9 The quiet of the early morning in my house
#10 Central heating
#11 The Word - the very words of God to hold in my hands

Will you join me? In the comments you can share your own gratitude or link to your post of gratitude.

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