Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Mom Sites

Here are some great sites for your Monday to help you Moms out there!

Meal Planning
Check out e-mealz. For $5/month you can get your meal and grocery list planned out for you. Lots of options (gluten-free, low-fat, etc.) and you can pick your family size even!

Food Inspiration
You can always get some great recipes from Giada (de Laurentiis). Flavorful, usually healthy, and hearty all around.

A Little Pick-Me-Up
The ladies over at (in) courage always have an uplifting word. It's a collection of great writers all together in one place encouraging all of us.

Great Outdoors
If you're a homeschooler and are looking to get out and enjoy some of this finer weather we are starting to have, look at the Handbook of Nature Study Blog.

Just for Fun
Ok, sometimes you just need a good laugh to lighten up the day! Check out cakewrecks and feel better!

Happy Monday!

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