Thursday, April 14, 2011

Homeschool Styles and our pick, Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason (1842-1923)

There are quite a few styles of homeschooling. I never knew there were so many until we actually started schooling. Here is a great quick link to give you an idea on the Styles of Homeschooling .

We follow the Charlotte Mason style of schooling in our house. Click HERE to learn more about Charlotte Mason, the teacher and writer.

Now, let me start write off by telling you that we haven't gotten this all down. We are still very early in our schooling journey and are trying to work out the day to day.

How did we pick CM?

When I read about the different styles of homeschooling and I read about Charlotte Mason I instantly "clicked" with it. I agreed with almost every facet completely. You will find one that fits you as well. It perfectly combines our reasons for homeschooling, along with my gifting and experience as a teacher. I know of families that "unschool" and that is perfectly right for them. Another family we know is using a more traditional approach. Each family has to find their way of doing school that works for them.

Some unique parts of the Charlotte Mason style that we focus on?

** Living Books: CM heavily prioritizes reading first hand books, even to young children, that make learning come alive. Biographies, First hand accounts, rich artwork.

** Character and Habit Training:  I feel that this might be one of the most important parts of what we do at home.

** Nature Study: CM celebrates and honors God through learning about His creation first hand.

** Fine Arts: CM encourages regular study of artists, composers, poets, etc.

** Narration: Challenging our children to be able to remember and express their thoughts on what they learn will help them so much in life.

Why is style important to know?
Because at the end of each year, it helps to know what you are shooting for. It helps to remind yourself at the start of the year what kind of school you want to have. It helps you to find resources in line with what you have already decided is important.

Some my favorite CM websites:
Simply Charlotte Mason : Sonya Schafer, head of Simply Charlotte Mason, is usually at the NCHE Conference. Don't miss their talks, even if you don't CM.

Ambleside Online has so many resources, from a full curriculum to pages on artists, composers, poetry, etc.

Handbook of Nature Study Blog

Karen Andreola's Blog: Karen is one of the foremost CM writers.

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